Today, the lilting fiddle-, accordion- and triangle-based music is enjoyed by fans around the world. Her friend, Corey Ledet, a 39-year-old accordion player from St. Martin Parish, was leading a popular zydeco band. "I can only hold out for so long," he says. His career got a big boost when he performed with Paul Simon on his "Graceland" album, and he has also played with Bob Dylan and Cyndi Lauper. With the Mamou Playboys out of action, they've formed the Riley Family Band that plays every Sunday afternoon on Facebook Live. Biography. When his father passed in 1994, Geno switched to accordion and formed his own band, French Rockin’ Boogie. As nouns the difference between accordion and zydeco is that accordion is a small, portable, keyed wind instrument, whose tones are generated by play of the wind from a squeezed bellows upon free metallic reeds while zydeco is a form of folk music originating among the creole people of south-west louisiana, using accordions and washboards heavily. Her friend, Corey Ledet, a 39-year-old accordion player from St. Martin Parish, was leading a popular zydeco band. His iconic show, the Lawrence Welk Show was a regular feature on TV; it would air every Saturday night from 1955 up until it ended in 1982. Queen Ida was the first female accordion player to lead a zydeco band. Thanks for being here with us," Savoy says to his laptop, tuning his fiddle. Now he's considering sidelining as a truck driver like many of his musician friends are doing, even though he'd rather play 41 keys than drive 18 wheels. Chenier, a Creole French-speaking native of… Buckwheat Zydeco. Lawrence Welk; Lawrence Welk was an idol for anyone that was raised during the 30s and 40s. But it's all there is these days. His sons come outside with their instruments. He was also one of the first Cajun musicians to record music from the Acadiana region of Louisiana. I've actually developed a mild depression over this because my music has always been my go-to, and I have nowhere to go.". Clifton Chenier (June 25, 1925 - December 12, 1987) was an American Zydeco accordion player and singer. Both are accordionists. And the Mamou Playboys were one of the most popular Cajun bands in the country. And then, as this has developed, because it's so uncertain, our entire next year is already devoid of any kind of gigs other than virtual festivals and online things. He and their boys, Burke, 11, and Dolsy, 8, are protective of her so they limit their exposure to people. STEVE RILEY AND THE MAMOU PLAYBOYS: (Singing in French). ANDRUS ESPRE (1953 – 1999), known professionally as BEAU JOCQUE, took up accordion when a workplace injury left him bed-ridden for an extended period. She began taking accordion lessons from a gentleman she met at the club — who would eventually become her husband. Fiddler Jones is bartending in a restaurant to supplement her income. I've actually developed a mild depression over this because my music has always been my go-to. I can only hold out for so long. Steve Riley says the lack of music is famishing Cajun culture — which is all about people coming together. And hundreds of musicians who play Cajun, and its bluesy black cousin, zydeco, are hurting. It's hard. She tours and records with her band, the Zydeco Playboys. where he makes his legendary Acadian accordions, Joel Savoy's musical partner, fiddler Kelli Jones. He has performed in more than 40 countries, won a second GRAMMY® and has shared the stage and recording studios with artists including Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Robert Palmer, Dr. John and The Meters. They were featured performers at a virtual Cajun & Creole music festival out of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, called Swamp in the City. Steve and Katie Riley with their sons Burke, 11, and Dolsy, 8, are staying at their home in Scott, La. M SAVOY: Cajun people have had to endure lots. COREY LEDET: But I'm not sure how long I can hold out.

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