You can not mortar over a crack to repair it, it will simply mirror through. Even though you cure your oven, it will still crack. If the crack is only though the mortar joints, it is a shrinkage/thermal crack. Nor can you fill in the gap, it will be too narrow and will just re-crack. Realistically, all wood fired brick or clay ovens will crack at varying degrees. While patching cracks isn't necessary as it does not affect the oven function, we do include a "patch" kit with each brick oven for cosmetic fixes! How to repair Cracks (if there are) with ULTRAFIRE Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. These cracks are usually very thin. Re: Whats the latest in crack repairing As a rule, if the crack includes cracking through the brick, it is structural. It The bad news for your baking stone, though, is when you start to crank up the heat, you run the risk of shattering it into a few interestingly-shaped pieces. There's a reason wood fire ovens get up to 800 degrees! You need heat to turn out the perfect pizza! Wood Oven Fire Cooking Oven Recipes Pizza Ovens Bricolage Meals Wood Furnace Wood Burner

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