They tend to be fairly solitary, but pairs often remain in vocal contact. Learn more about Mourning Doves on – Mourning Doves. They dive-bomb cats, snakes, people, and any other perceived enemies near their nests. Quick and feisty, acrobatic and graceful, you are single-minded and determined. Photo Credit: © Laura Erickson, GA, October 2014. About Magpies: This member of the crow and raven family has an exceptionally wide range of calls and whistles. Young learn their migration route from their parents, and during migration and winter often band together with family members and acquaintances from previous years. Young ravens play games with sticks, repeatedly dropping them, then diving to catch them in midair. Eagles eat fish, seabirds, and a wide variety of other prey, including road-killed animals. Powerful and versatile, they take a wide variety of prey, from insects and small rodents to animals weighing more than they do, such as Great Blue Herons, porcupines, and skunks. About Great Horned Owls: This large, regal owl, the provincial bird of Alberta, is found over most of North America and a lot of South America. For its huge size, the Great Blue Heron doesn’t weigh much—only about 6 pounds. Learn more about hummingbirds on – Hummingbirds. It has a powerful, heavy bill and neck muscles, but its slow gait and flight mean it can get by without very heavy muscles anywhere else. Two species of magpies are found in North America, the wide-ranging Black-billed Magpie and the Yellow-billed Magpie, which is found only in California. Pairs work together to feed their chicks, and remain near the nesting territory after the young move on. What Bird Are You? We treasure it for its magnificent beauty and strength. Which original tweeter are you? About Canada Geese: The Canada Goose is an extremely clannish species. You seem still and quiet one moment, powerful and athletic the next. You’re not interested in home maintenance—you’re exceptionally tolerant of messy living quarters. Extremely intelligent and sociable, you love practical jokes and figuring out tricky situations. About Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds include the tiniest of all birds, and are extremely territorial and independent. Photo Credit: © Laura Erickson, WI June 2015. The U.S. Army Signal Corps’ racing pigeons saved lives and provided vital strategic information during World War I and II. Learn more about goldfinches on – goldfinches. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? This makes it difficult to predict where they will be common from one winter to the next. Photo Credit: © Laura Erickson, MN, June 2006. About Northern Mockingbirds: The versatility of the Northern Mockingbird’s song repertoire (males may sing over 200 different songs) endeared them to Thomas Jefferson, who boasted that Great Britain had nothing to compare. Goldfinches nest later than most birds, not starting until milkweed, thistle, and other plants start going to seed; they use these fibrous seeds both for nesting materials and for food for themselves and their nestlings. A natural leader, you’re not bossy and let others take the lead, too. About Snowy Owls: The Snowy Owl is among the most beloved and iconic birds in the world. After their family responsibilities are over, males join other males in flocks, which the females and grown ducklings join as soon as the young are independent. Magpies eat a wide assortment of food, from seeds and berries to carrion. Learn more about Northern Cardinals on – Northern Cardinals. About Ravens: The bird often judged the most intelligent bird on the planet is the Yukon Territory’s symbolic bird. You enjoy traveling, going to baseball games, and eating on the go. One was seen flying upside down for more than a half-mile. Three species of screech-owls are found in North America, the Eastern, Western, and Whiskered screech-owls. You prefer a vegetarian diet and seldom dine alone. We treasure it for its magnificent beauty and strength. You’re unpredictable, keeping people guessing about where you might pop up next. Kestrels nest in natural cavities, woodpecker nest holes, and bird boxes. You are a creative person. They eat a wide variety of foods and can survive even extremely severe winters where open water and food are available. Photo Credit: Common Raven © Laura Erickson, CA, September 2013. Family ties and friendships are important to you. Screech-owls mate for life and may roost together. They feed on a wide variety of insects, flower nectar, and sugar water at hummingbird feeders. About Canada Geese: The Canada Goose is an extremely clannish species. 2018 Interactive Bird a Day Desk Calendars! With no way to dispose of the chicks’ droppings, they simply squirt them on the walls; meanwhile, bits of uneaten prey start collecting on the nest floor. About Mallards: Mallards, found on every continent except Antarctica, were one of the first domesticated birds. Some robins return to the same nesting area year after year, but not predictably so. Learn more about Great Blue Herons on – Great Blue Herons. You can easily pull all-nighters. You are a creative person. Learn more about Snowy Owls on – Snowy Owls. Some kestrels have started visiting ballparks, where they can catch insects illuminated by the floodlights. This is one of the only North American birds that can digest grass, so expansive lawns are big invitations for them. Chickadees are active, acrobatic, curious, social birds that live in flocks, often associating with woodpeckers, nuthatches, warblers, vireos, and other small woodland species. Every spring and fall, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds fly non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico en route to their nesting range in eastern North America. Birds seem to prefer a mate of the same age. You’re curious and an excellent problem solver, while also knowing how to have fun! You are sometimes careless with what seem like minor details. Powerful and versatile, they take a wide variety of prey, from insects and small rodents to animals weighing more than they do, such as Great Blue Herons, porcupines, and skunks. Here are all the possible outcomes of the bird personality quiz! When crows, jays, robins, and some other birds notice one, they try to drive it off.

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