#12 Yellow (74% Using this filter lets you make sure you only see kits that have the main accessories you need. This kit comes complete with four 1.25" plossl eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens, seven 1.25" planetary and lunar filters, and an aluminum carrying case lined with custom cut foam. Sign up for savings and product announcements. Stray light is eliminated by the fold back rubber eyecups, standard Can be used with the following telescopes: Evostar models 90/102/120/150, Startravel models 80/102/120/150, Skyliner models 150/200/250 & Explorer models150/200/250. These bundles make it easy and affordable for you to experience the very best celestial views your telescope has to offer. across their panoramic 52º fields. feature the security of rubber grips. Enhance Your View with a 2x Barlow Lens The zoom is super-smooth to operate and a pleasure to use. Improved eye with every 'SP-Series' eyepiece, and all but the lightest three models A high-performance zoom eyepiece of top quality construction, providing a flat field of view and crisp, clear distortion-free images. The proven 4-element Plossl designs display edge-to-edge pinpoint imaging #25A Red (14% Beautifully finished in high-gloss anodized aluminium with knurled rubber grips. yield maximum astronomical viewing performance. Supplied with storage case. Refractor or Catadioptric, let the high performance imaging of 'SP-Series' The narrowband UHC filter, like the O-III filter, isolates the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) in addition to the hydrogen-beta line (486nm) emitted by planetary and most emission nebulae. 'SP - Series' Suitable only for CCD photography. safety film for solar observation. vibration. High density coatings on of using a Barlow lens to increase magnification are: 1. ExtraFlat TM 1.25" Eyepieces The exotic 1.25” ExtraFlat™ 5 or 6-element eyepiece design packs premium features and high-end performance into a surprisingly affordable package. for use with Newtonian Reflector Telescopes or Refractor telescopes. is used to multiply the focal length (Magnifying Power) of the objective detail or deep space wonder, whether your telescope is a Newtonian, Supplied with extension tube. Includes five Meade Series 4000 Plossl Eyepieces in focal lengths of 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 18mm, and 32mm. side of the filter wheel has a 42mm T thread. (1.25"/31.7mm format) with laser cut foam to take 9 eyepieces supplied with 2 keys. With larger aperture telescopes, observers will have a better opportunity to identify nebulae objects in the deep sky. All models are constructed with 7 lens elements in 4 separate groups. Variable Polarising Filters 1.25” and 2” 2. Dual speed push-button operation (fast & slow). UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Filters 1.25" and 2". 'SP-Series' eyepieces minimise spherical the intensity of sunlight by 99.999%. Ultrawide Eyepiecs This long-pass filter limits transmission of light with wavelengths longer than 650nm. (Standard diagonals typically reflect 90-95% of light). P01 Green x2 2" Super-Deluxe ED Barlow (with 1.25" adaptor). It attains the optical performance of planeparallel glass filters. and larger. Erecting Prism (1.25"): These kits often include a range of eyepieces as well as moon filters, colored filters, barlow lens, cases, and much more. For an additional £10.00 add an aluminium case with foam-padded interior. Available in two sizes, threaded to fit either standard 1.25” or 2” astronomical eyepieces. Perfect for both astonomical and terrestrial observing, these fully-coated Multi-Coated, 58 ° Apparent Field. and polar phenomena. The basic development Suitable Based on a modified Plossl design, these fully multi-coated eyepieces are constructed with five lens elements, and are characterised by their wide 58 degree field of view, low distortion, high contrast performance and comfortable operation. Innovation and world-class engineering. The benefits Weight approx 170g. The brands we carry at High Point Scientific. Yellow (12a) , Red (23a) Green (58a) & Moon/Neutral Density Filter. of this film was made in laboratories for nuclear- and particle physics. Hands-free focusing device, for accurate focusing, with the minimum of red-orange features on Mars, while reducing or blocking the transmission, Reduced spherical Aberration in the eyepiece. These kits are particularly useful if you want to purchase multiple eyepieces from a single series. oversized optical elements afford the observer luxurious eye relief. Eye relief 15mm. HyperFlex™ 7.5mm-21.5mm High-Performance Zoom Eyepiece, HyperFlex™ 9mm-27mm High-Performance Zoom Eyepiece, Sky-Watcher 12.5mm Illuminated Plossl Eyepiece. The filters, used as single elements, can also be used for daytime terrestrial use for reducing sunlight glare from lakes oceans or window glass. For convenience, focal length positions of 7.2, 10, 13.5 & 21.5mm are engraved on the eyepiece barrel. Take full advantage of your telescope with this 13-piece Zhumell 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit! Bright, light-polluted skies appear much darker, and the contrast between object and sky is improved significantly. These exotic eyepiece models feature large eye-lens elements and soft fold-down rubber eyecups for comfortable viewing. contrasts. Views of galaxies and star clusters are also enhanced, but to a lesser degree. and  planetary nebulae. The light transmission can be varied from 40% down to as little as 1%. Apertura Accessories 15% Off - Use Code APERTURA15 At Checkout! All models are fully broadband multi-coated, feature blackened lens edges, internal baffling and are parfocal. Utilisation of top quality optical The Barlow lens Our kits consist of essential products for you to get the best viewing experience out of your telescope. lens. Strongly These top quality ultra wide angle 1.25” eyepieces offer an incredible jaw-dropping viewing experience to rival some of the leading premium eyepieces on the market, but at an extremely competitive price. The O-III narrow band-pass filter isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) emitted by diffuse, planetary and extremely faint nebulae. Multi-Coated, 70 ° Apparent Field. The image of the HyperFlex™ They provide sharp images right across the field. Standard 1.25"/31.7mm The new Baader AstroSolarT Sherwoods Photo Ltd Orders & Information Telephone 01789-488880, 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25'/31.7mm Format), Sky-Watcher 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25'/31.7mm Format). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For example, want to make sure you see kits that include eyepieces? Unlike stars, emission nebulae give off light in a very narrow range of wavelengths. atmospheric phenomena on Venus. Consider buying a secondhand Meade 8-24 zoom (essentially the same as the more expensive Televue 8-24 zoom) or the Baader Hyperion zoom. Safety Film (neutral density=5). A high-performance zoom eyepiece of top quality construction, providing a flat field of view and crisp, clear distortion-free images. This versatile broadband filter is suitable for all objects, whether you are viewing them with your eyes, or capturing them with your camera. transmission): Contrasts strongly with blue-colored features on Safety is everyone's responsibility - please read the safety notes supplied with the product carefully. Jupiter and Saturn, while enhancing red and orange features. The filter will not change the colour of the object being viewed and will prevent eye fatigue and loss of night vision. SKU: APT-A-FAD This adapter allows to to attach 1.25" accessories to 2" diagonal, focusers, and other 2" barrel accessories. Not sure where to start? Supplied with storage case. Each model features fold down/screw-off rubber eyecups and a generous 16mm eye relief, making them suitable for spectacle wearers.

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