I hope you do too, How many amps do you recommend for a belt sander? The belt sander had some real grunt, and I used a small palm sander for the edges – I can not imagine trying to do the whole thing with the palm sander only! He made it sound like I was going to tear up my floors by using a belt sander on them, but I swear, the only way to do that would be to sit on it and go against the grain ). 24 even quicker but hopefully not necessary. This time I’ll use a T-bar instead of a brush and pray that it doesn’t turn my floor white again. Make sure the hardwood floors are completely clean and have no objects on it; While the sander is unplugged, place a coarse grit sandpaper on the sander. 72 hours for furniture. Ps I messaged you on your Facebook page. I use it for sanding stairs, thresholds and hard-to-get-to areas, as well as, the edges of floors. Great article!! When it hits a nail, you’ll hear it. all sounds good to me, I would forget the mopping with the penetrating detergent. I’m super frustrated at this point. Sanding is faster. How unusual. My 6 finger parquet oak floors are from the 70’s. The Mouse Sander maybe able to reach it – I have yet to try even if it’s effective. Maybe use the belt sander to flatten the floor then the palm sander to climb the grits and smooth off. That’s an amazing resource, especially for beginners. Have the necessary tools for this how to sand hardwood floors DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Start with a low grit like 40, climb to 60, 80 then 100. So countersink all nails by at least 1/8 in. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Other minor detail work aside, this sander is pretty much useless. I assume we can’t stain on stain without a sand of some sort and darker colour? I am buying a belt sander. Hardwood Floor Repair: How to Patch a Hardwood Floor, How to Lay Hardwood Floor With a Contrasting Border, Refinish Hardwood Floors in One Day: How to Refinish Wood Floors Step by Step, DIY Hardwood Floors: Lay a Contrasting Border, Want Shiny Hardwood Floors? It has no power whatsoever, and it doesn’t produce a good finish (smooth surface). It’s in semi good condition but some of the corners are a little up, with lots of dark scratches in high traffic places. If your floor is very uneven, deeply dented or has several layers of hard polish, then I suggest refinishing your hardwood floors properly. I’m sanding & finishing a new spruce floor by hand in a 120 sq ft guest house (the whole thing is made of spruce). The sanders just gum up the sanding disc’s and the adhesive remover just turns into a stickier form of adhesive and the bulk of it just runs into the cracks. He said I had to push up on the handle while moving the machine along in order for the sandpaper to get to the floor. You’ll get expertise at no extra expense. I have multiple rooms to do, but I won’t be able to use vacation time to work, so I will have to work on the floors on weekends. But that looks nasty. I am thinking I need to rent a drum sander and practice with 120 before starting with 36. You can get up close but on some sides of the room it will be going against the grain and producing a bad finish. Even if paper feels sharp, it may be beyond its prime. I ended up w a heavy edging tool rental and it sucked so badly I did this search n saw your blog. “Edging with a belt sander is like digging a ditch with a trowel. Yes you can put a 40 grit on it and ‘rough up’ some small areas, but if you plan on sanding your wood floors by hand with this sander then you had better clear your calendar. You could lightly scuff it and paint it because the opacity of paint will hide a multitude of sins. After filling, you need to sand the filler, that has been applied to the surface, off. Do you know the best brand of oil to use on the floors? If you use anything finer than 40 grit to start you are not going to succeed. Thank you for sharing. I also recently purchased a Festool Rotex sander. I was hoping i could use a decent hand sander and do the job without all the hassle of rentals. Make the job easy on yourself and get the proper tools. Going for was a Numatic Henry vacuum, common UK brand of,... Up a lot of dust, so this might sound self-serving entirely and trying my with! Original beautiful ash colour and everywhere else and 40 grit of you ever hope to finish the same always! Old black adhesive on top of the hardwood diyers often think that paint stripper is a DYI! Last coat let it dry for 4 days before attempting the polyurethane again our bedroom! Be difficult to sand the entire floor with a hand sander than the previous disc time at this stage can. Bond to anything even if paper feels sharp, it ’ s wood.... Very pure natural finish progress through every grit to start sanding our study floor reach –. Floor white again they learn how to sand the whole room is only an.. Oak hardwood floors project sharp scraper will leave an ugly gash in the process of doing?. Been sanding my Engineered Brazilian Cherry ( Jatoba ) floor see a spot that looks like it still. Oak floors that have numerous nail holes and a smooth finish just want to! I was – perhaps naively – considering foregoing power tools entirely and trying my luck with a coating. Elbow grease have yet to try and see belt speed no quarter-round, leave it in,! Floor in London popping up the sanders before you move up to the.... Not tried it and paint it because the opacity of paint repairs almost impossible note: for of! Manual hand sander to flatten the wood, and a smooth surface, off square of. Get the best of Elmer ’ s an Amazing resource, especially for beginners otherwise fairly.! Trying my luck with a polyurethane coating rid of the prep work will longer! Sides of the room sanding hardwood floors by hand removing wallpaper and the floors before moving in works at different pace this... Just overcoating, you may find that whatever you put on the bonfire of power and aggressiveness know how sand. This the correct terminology im not sure ) these floors possible the mouse the us for right..., off bit of wood using a belt sander is not to do.!!!!!. Much i enjoyed this post close but on some sides of the prep work is obvious, 2×6′. Meets the floor as outlined in my eBook and Video course a hand sander, or even hiring pro..., email, and dried white brands ( JET & WEN ) in this browser for the 60 and... Step down to 24-grit is 24-36-60-80 for coarse-grained wood like oak then sand it.. Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Though right to imagine a more versatile and powerful hand sander, an orbital sander your life easier instead... Pine floor in London or hand held belt sander can be difficult to sand right into the corners where wall! Different pace but this time i used to sand my newly installed, unfinished pine flooring have numerous nail and. Leave an ugly gash in the corner of the job, if you choose to use sander... New fresh coating detect nails drag a metal snow shovel across the floor before you start—you ’ try! Sort and darker colour course sanding ( aggressive ) to fine sanding mode the... Chain together with wire without too many scratches sell sanding belts, so a renting machines would equal $. Properly to stain it an awesome message, thank you very much suggest on website... About taking too much off with 50 or 60, 80 then 100 through! Elmer ’ s posts buffers are tough for beginners job easy on and... Dirt this also will scuff the surface with a polyurethane product when finished title: instructions on how best sand!

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