Nowadays, herring can be stocked in salt and frozen. Like the Dutch, feel free to dangle the delicacy into your mouth. I’ve eaten (and made) herring in all these forms, but there is something special that makes pickled herring so popular, especially in Northern Europe. A herring is a beautifully marked blue-green and silver iridescent delicately flavored nutritious fish. 7. Elsewhere in the world, your best bet is to head to Dutch, Polish, Jewish, Scandinavian, German or Russian groceries. Pickled herrings are part of Scandinavian, Nordic, Dutch, German, Polish, Eastern Slavic, Baltic, Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish cuisine. Dutch raw herring is still eaten with raw onions. There are more and more online fishmongers popping up, so it’s worth having a quick google search in your region. Herring is also available in the U.S., but it’s far less common and not a regular part of the diet for most Americans. This way, excellent quality raw herring can still be eaten in November and December. It is the world's most plentiful fish, most commercially important fish, most widely consumed fish, and the most sought-after fish in the world's ocean. The raw herring is a Dutch delicacy and tradition while the fermented herring known as surströmming is a big part of the northern Swedish cuisine. Find yourself in Holland? This slows down the ripening process. Depending on where you are, people even eat pickled herring differently. Pickled Herring is often enjoyed as a snack or an aperitif. I think it’s because the acidic twang of the vinegar and lemon counteract the rich fattiness of the herring fillets — these fish are among the foods highest in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. What should you serve with this Pickled Herring? In Amsterdam, it is typical to eat herring not only with raw onions but also with gherkins.

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