( Log Out /  He was able to pick me enough to make about a quart of tincture. You can tincture the whole herb for internal use –. 4 ounces water. I use 100 proof vodka. Ratio of herb to liquid as weight to volume – 1:5 whether fresh or dried (That is NOT the same for all herbs), 2.5 ounces pure organic cane or grain alcohol. Herbalist Scott Kloos recommends diluting 1/2 fluid ounce of usnea tincture in 16 ounces of water to make an effective douche. I use it in my Not Your Mama’s First Aid Salve . Usnea As herbalist Ryan Drum once said: Usnea is among our best herbal antibiotics against gram positive bacteria, particularly Streptococci and Staphylococci, both internally and externally. How To Make an Usnea Tincture Part 1. Usnea not only contains antibiotic properties, but it also produces immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory and antitumoral properties. . It’s available as a tincture, tea, supplement, and medicinal cream. ( Log Out /  I use a glass blender to create an usnea/alcohol slurry. I just finished making the tincture using the DOUBLE EXTRACTION method so I wanted to share my first video tutorial. 1-5 mL, 3-5 times daily Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  2.5 ounces pure organic cane or grain alcohol. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you prefer to buy tinctures rather than make your own, I highly recommend Herb Pharm! ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ). Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. of tincture in warm water, 30 minutes before mealtime (three x a day) up to 10 days. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You pick the usnea, sort out the non-usnea debris that accidentally gets picked too, and really … Topical Use of Usnea as Anti-Bacterial Cream Things you will need shea buttercream/ petroleum jelly, usnea. I tincture dried usnea with organic grain alcohol at 1:4 95%, and fresh usnea at 1:2 95%. This tough little plant doesn't make much of a tea, so I recommend using it as an alcohol extract, also known as a tincture. It can be used as a douche by diluting the tincture in water or by making a strong tea. antibacterial, bella vista farm, first aid, herbal remedies, herbal tinctures, not your mama's salve, tinctures, usnea, usnea tincture. 2.5 ounces pure organic cane or grain alcohol. Making your own alcohol extract is easy and will save you money. Potential health benefits Usnea is said to offer a range of health benefits, from weight loss to pain relief to cancer protection. Your water should reduce down to approximately 2.5 ounces to match the amount of alcohol to be used. They carry Usnea Tincture, as well as different immune boosting blends, alcohol-free glycerites, and products for kids. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. or dry it and grind it to add to salves for topical uses. Before learning how to make a tincture, it is important to learn what a tincture is! Usnea (Usnea barbata & Usnea hirta): Both of these lichen species make awesome antibiotic tinctures. https://thelostherbs.com/how-to-make-usnea-tincture-for-respiratory-support Tinctures are herbal preparations that use something beyond water as a solvent. Method Take one part of this herb and add it to five times its quantity of petroleum jelly or shea buttercream. Using a solvent like alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin, you can extract a greater spectrum of the whole plant and preserve the medicine much longer than an infusion or a decoction. The recipe I used is as follows: Ratio of herb to liquid as weight to volume – 1:5 whether fresh or dried (That is NOT the same for all herbs) 1 ounce fresh or dried usnea, chopped up. Strain and bottle into an amber or other dark colored bottle. Of course we did not pick it off the trees, that is a no no!!!! Usnea is a really cool herb! Usnea is a lichen( an algae fungus combination) and it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, vulnerary and antifungal. 4 ounces water. It’s the perfect tincture for helping to reduce symptoms related to the flu and fighting off a cough and cold.

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