These bolts are rated from 50 to 115 pounds; choose the ones that provide a strong enough anchor for the weight of shelf you are hanging. Depending on that get a strong enough drywall anchor. The position of the screw into the anchor has a huge role in ascertaining the stability of the shelf. Hi forum! MOLLY BOLTS. Lay a bracket on the board 4 to 6 inches from each end of the shelf. Ask an assistant to make marks through each of the holes in the support brackets as you use the carpenter's level to ensure that the shelf remains level. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to measure the breadth of the shelf and mark it on the wall. The wings on the toggle bolt pop open in the open space behind the wall. View our Privacy Policy here. You may also come across a few shelves that require you to first place the shelf onto the anchors and then follow it up with the screws. After handing the shelf on the wall, step back and observe. The screws help the tail of the drywall anchor to spread out behind the wall to counterbalance the weight. Drive screws through the holes in the bracket into the pilot holes in the shelf. Shelves that are not installed with adequate support may fail. Pick out an open spot along the wall to situate your shelves. I am going to be building "floating" shelves in my room to hold my DVD's. It will help you when determining where to drill the pilot holes to anchor the shelf to the wall..[1] X Research source Save the size measurement for later. How Do I Anchor Shelves Into a Plaster Wall? Step 11 - Observe Known as “molly bolts” or simply “mollies,” these metal sleeve-type hollow wall … A level will help you ascertain that the shelf sits on a straight line. Some shelves will require you to place it onto the screws. plywood with a 45-degree bevel on one edge. Line up the back of the bracket with the rear of the shelf. Recommended weight capacities are marked on the packaging. Use each of the holes in the bracket to provide maximum support for a heavy shelf. home improvement and repair website. With the right tools and a little know-how, you’ll be able to check this chore off the list. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Some shelves will require you to place it onto the screws. Check the packaging to see if the length is listed there. Start installing the shelves using the drywall anchors by considering the following safety measures. This provides the required support. Also check its strength and stability by placing books and other objects on the shelf. At this point, the drywall is ready for the anchors. Lay a bracket on the board 4 to 6 inches from each end of the shelf. Freelance writing since 2009, Tom Ross has over 30 years of corporate management and hands-on experience in the supermarket industry. In this step, you need to measure the shelf. Drill pilot holes into each of the pencil marks. Before drilling, you need to take note of the size of the hole required. Website operating Screw one strip to the wall and the other to the back of the shelf or cabinet. submitted to our " Community Forums". A small hole will help in making sure that the anchor is fastened securely onto the drywall. I'm planning on adding more wire shelves to a pantry and noticed on existin... How Do I Mount a TV and/or Shelving to Drywall Over Concrete? Use additional brackets positioned nearer the middle of the shelf when the shelf is longer and will support a great deal of weight. Now take the shelf and place it on the drywall anchor. Drilling into brick and the like will require masonry bits and anchors. If this is the case for you, using drywall anchors is the answer. Not only that -- today, many homes are built with metal studs that do not provide the same support for heavy shelves as do wood studs. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands.

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