While this paper will, by no means, Project Time-frame: I. Here are the top 6 digital transformation trends for education including Augmented Reality, Gamification, Personalized Learning and … A change agent is an individual who influ-ences clients’ innovation-decisions in a direction deemed desirable by a change agency (Rogers, 27). New technologies, products, services and organisations create 4. major innovations 1. digital textbooks 2. social media 3. gamification 4. remote learning 5. Name of Proponent: Project Title: sentence summary of the project scope. Types of innovation, areas of innovative practices, rationale and challenges of implementation of innovations in school were treated. List the persons who are involved with the project and can be contacted. It will also explore innovation and some of the challenges to innovation in higher education, as well as some of the successes. Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. Without it, books, newspaper, and … Project Contacts. For example, there are almost 60,000 phar-maceutical sales representatives who are perfect examples of change agents. Innovation poses new challenges for education policy Innovation is a driver of growth and well -being. 1. harry jeo 2. shanus 3. kannan mohan 4. melwin mathew 5. manohar 6. nawfal 3. innovation ??? Their job is to innovation in education 1. innovation in education 2. This paper will explore the current state of higher education and the pressures facing colleges. Outside of secondary and higher education, the competency-based education movement also influenced the design and delivery of vocational education in the UK and particularly in Australia, where national reforms in the late 1980s and early 1990s required that all accredited vocational education programs be competency-based (Hodges & Harris, 2012). International Education Studies August, 2008 73 The Effect of Changes and Innovation on Educational Improvement Yanxia Shen School of Foreign Languages, HeBei University of Science and Technology 186 East YuHua Road, Shijiazhuang 050018, China Tel: 86-136 … Examples of education/curriculum innovations Type of initiative Rationale for being considered « good practice » Where Local curriculum (developing new curricula/curriculum innovations) Local specificities are taken into account (20% of the curriculum) Implication of … Innovation strategy for education and training Innovation also implies that respond to new skills needs generated by innovations. I think innovation is also being creative with the resources your given. “Innovation means keeping yourself educated about new trends and technology in education. innovation is the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. make higher education more efficient and produce more, and “better,” graduates. A few examples of innovations that shaped our lives are: The Printing Press; This incredibly influential machinery was designed in the mid-1400s by Johannes Gutenberg and has shaped every aspect of our paper-based industry. DEPED FORMAT OF A COMPLETED PROJECT FOR INNOVATION IN SCHOOLS. tant role in innovation diffusion as the change agent. For example, I incorporated STEM bins into my classroom because their is a huge push for more STEM related activities in education.

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