The bitey mid range of the amp is tamed by the mellowness of the ribbon design. The 4038 goes hand in hand with the guitar amp cabinet as well. Guitar Combos; Guitar Heads; Modeling Amps; Small Amps; Bass Heads; Guitar Cabinets; Bass Combos; Attenuators; ... Coles 4038 … also remind the player to turn down the amp before changing guitars or ssppllaatt!! So, rather than exacerbating the resonance of and upper harmonics that amp speakers can sometimes put out, the 4038 … (joe chicarelli suggests that on the big marshall stacks, it can be useful to use a 6" popper stopper in front of the 4038 … It made electric guitar amps … 2. One of the most detailed ribbons on guitar, it seems to … Well, even though the price is $1050 or so, it was very hard to pack it back up and send away when my trial time was up. ... Amplifiers. What do I think of the Coles 4038? bass guitar amps you should keep back two feet or more. This no frills studio classic is more than just an old BBC broadcast mic. I use it all the time for 1) drum overheads to smoothen the top end of cymbals and fatten out the sound of the drums; 2) The Coles is a ribbon mic, built in the UK by STC to the specs established by the BBC ages ago and imported by Wes Dooley and company at AEA. Coles 4038 "On clean guitar this produced a very nice, balanced sound, with good transient response and clear highs; also clear on distorted guitar. Brands. Guitars Pedals and Amplifiers Keyboards and Synths Recording Gear Drums DJ and Audio Gear More Categories.

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