The Black Sapote is shaped like a tomato. Intro: Not a fresh fruit to be eaten off the tree. Black. Colour: The fruit has a bright green and shiny skin when unripe. When it ripens, the skin turns dark brown. large berry with a thin and firm rind. History: Native to Mexico. Native to Central America, Black Sapote is a culinary delight in Mexico, Guatemala, Caribbean, Colombia and Central America. Nutritional Value of Black Sapote. Shape: The fruit is about the size of a very large apple and tomato-shaped. It has zero cholesterol … It is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, dietary fibers and vitamin A and vitamin C while minimally containing fat. This fruit has a thin and firm rind and its color is shining dark green with brown specs. Back to Top. Other names: Chocolate Pudding Fruit, BlackPersimmon. The fruitflesh is rich, dark brown colored and custard like and is therefore called the Chocolate pudding fruit. While it can grow up to 40 feet tall in outdoor tropical climates, it is often grown as a potted plant—on patios in warmer climates, sometimes as a … Black sapote’s flesh is rich and custard-like, with a sweet, nut-like mild flavor and when ripe fruit pulp is blended with milk, cream or ice-cream, it tastes a little like chocolate – but … Complete ripe fruits are often ugly brown. Commonly known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit this amazing fruit is low in fat and an excellent source of Vitamin C containing about 4 times as much as an orange. Native to eastern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and parts of Columbia, Black Sapote is also aptly referred to as “chocolate pudding fruit” for its flavor, color and texture upon ripening. Black Sapote, also called Chocolate pudding fruit (Diospyros nigra), is a tropical plant cultivated for its tasty, chocolate-like flavor fruits. The Black Sapote is a Tomato-like fruit, 10 x 13 cm. Weight/size: Typically weighing 700g to 900g and ranging between 60 -120mm in diameter. The fruit is delicious eaten fresh or used as a chocolate substitute in recipes and milkshakes or simply mix the pulp with yogurt and lemon juice for … The fruit flesh is rich, dark brown colored and custard like and is therefore called the “chocolate pudding” fruit. Fruiting of the evergreen Black Sapote occurs in 3 to 4 years, and mature trees can grow to … Not surprisingly this is one of our most popular fruits and if you like Chocolate you'll love Black Sapote. The fruit has a total of 111 calories. Its color is shining dark green with brown specs. Black sapote is a tropical evergreen fruit tree closely related to the persimmon (another common name is black persimmon).

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