The author has worked in the environmental field for over 50 years, helping preserve the environment and all its living inhabitants.  This effort encompasses alternative energy, and environmental technology, producing products and systems.  Principal roles continue to be marketing and scientific advising.

All works written to date have been nonfiction.  The latest book, “Gray Dawn,” is a tribute to the survivalists in a prison camp and half-way house.  Among this group are the inmates, the gracious staff that endeavored to help them, and family and friends outside that provided every type of support possible.

The next book is entitled, “No Burden of Proof,” a documented look at our current jurisprudence system and the people that use it.  There are in-depth reviews of mass incarceration, the prison-industrial complex, subjective laws, yielding theories like conspiracy and intent.  The goal is to alert the taxpayers, who pay for the prison and judicial system, about what goes on from an insider’s viewpoint and to raise a call for action to correct injustices. Currently, the American taxpayer is paying $80 Billion a year to support this prison-industrial complex.

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